Marc Roberts Rules

"'A quitter never wins and a winner
   never quits.' I live by that motto."
A winner never quits.
Marc and his beautiful wife Marci in their penthouse in Murano at Portofino

And, as I write this, I realize that wherever he is, he’s probably got March Madness. Tennessee is playing the heavy underdog American University in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which is no small coincidence—trace the roots of Marc Roberts’ gumption and you’ll find American University’s hoops squarely at the source. As a late ‘70s high school star from New Jersey, Roberts was a sharp shooting guard and heavily recruited by Division II (read: small schools), yet was seen as too short and scrawny to play Division I. Roberts first contacted the American coach, Jim Lynam, who resigned and was replaced by Gary Williams, and made a simple deal: “If I walk on and make the team then you give me a scholarship.” He hit the American hardwood and shot lights out. The plan worked.
    About midway through the season, sports agents were slithering all over campus. They were after the team’s stud bailer, Russell Boo” Bowers, who was the leading scorer in the country. Everywhere Bowers went, agents swarmed. His concentration was compromised, as was his play. When the coach realized what was happening, he put out an edict: any agent on campus gets arrested. And as soon as one did, the agents quickly vanished. Roberts realized an invaluable opportunity was staring him in the face. “I practice with the guy. I travel with the guy. I live in the dorm room next to his. I want to be his agent. So I’d better become his best friend. I used my networking skills, and lo and behold I became his agent. He was my first client.” Bowers was set to be a top 10 draft pick before tearing a ligament in the final game of his college career. He ultimately was drafted 59th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 1981 draft.
    Flush with that success at age 19, Roberts quit college, was summarily thrown out of his parents’ house, and began learning all he could about promoting professional athletes. “I signed John ‘Up the Ladder’ Williamson, an NBA star whose number the New Jersey Nets retired. And then I signed a few minor league baseball guys, and there was a big article in the paper, my local paper,” Roberts recalls. A sergeant in the lrvington police department read the piece and contacted Roberts to represent some fighters, which Roberts agreed to do.

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