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Master bedroom can be a place to recharge

Designer: Eloise Kubli, ASID Publication: The Miami Herald, September 18, 2010
Text: Jana Soeldner Danger Photographer: Staff

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Luxury - An oversize mattress and silk bedding and draperies help turn this bedroom into a luxurious retreat. Animal prints add a touch of whimsy.

A master bedroom can be a place to close the door and shut out the hectic pace and sometimes frightening events of the outside world. Creating the right environment can help turn a bedroom into the kind of refuge that’s perfect for resting and recharging.

Furniture tends to have clean lines, and bedding is often simpler than in the past. The trend toward contemporary is not universal, however. “Some people still want traditional bedrooms,” says Eloise Kubli, owner of Collective Construction & Design in Plantation. “They want high beds and luxurious silks and velvets.”

One feature that has become very popular for both traditional and contemporary decors is motorized window treatments. “When people are traveling they see them in hotels, and they want them at home, too,” Kubli says. “They like to be able to control light and privacy from their beds.”

Today’s sunshades are very effective, and they can compress into tiny spaces above windows. While some homeowners want the sunshades to be the only treatments for their windows, others prefer more fabric.

Chandeliers, both traditional and contemporary style, are turning up more often in bedrooms. “I love the look of them,” Kubli says. “For years, people wanted only fans.”

For flooring, wood with area rugs is a popular look. Bedroom carpet should have texture, Kubli says. “It hides footprints and has a luxurious look.”

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Designer: Eloise Kubli, ASID Publication: The Miami Herald, September 18, 2010
Text: Jana Soeldner Danger Photographer: Staff

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Drama - An antique mirror finish on the pieces at the foot of the bed, and Lusterstone on walls and ceiling give this room a dramatic look.

Setting An Ambience
When redoing a master bedroom, the homeowner should first consider the kind of ambience that is desired.

On the other hand, visual interest is important. “People want detailing on the ceiling that they can see when they’re in bed at night, and look up at first thing in the morning,” Kubli says.

“You can do it fairly inexpensively with just a faux finish for color and texture. If you have a higher budget, box beams can be nice.”

Making It Functional
What activities will take place? Many people like to read in their bedrooms.

Too Large Or Too Small?
Few bedrooms are exactly the right size. If the space is too large, the bed may be too far away to comfortably watch a TV on the opposite wall. Another option to bring a TV closer is a remote-controlled popup unit that rises from the foot of the bed.

While conventional wisdom holds that a small room should have small furniture, that is not always the case, Kubli says. “To make the bedroom look bigger, choose a large nightstand.”

When The Budget Is Small
It is possible to give a fresh look to a bedroom even when the budget is small. A single piece of trend-setting furniture can help. “An antique mirror finish is great on furniture or for a headboard,” Kubli says. “It can work with both traditional and contemporary design.” >

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Eloise Kubli is a Professional Member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Arthur Kubli is a General Contractor licensed in Florida and numerous other states. Both Kublis have received numerous industry awards for their work. Established in 1983, Collective Construction & Design, Inc. is proud to be certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council as a Women's Business Enterprise.

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