"Marc Roberts Rules"

With enough experiences in the sports promoting realm to last him a lifetime, Marc Roberts shifts his focus to recreating Miami with a project that will transform the city.
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Publication: Haute Living magazine
Interview: Kamal Hotchandani
Text: Jeremy Lissek
Photography: Reynaldo Ales
Marc and Marci Roberts
Marc and Marci Roberts

These are the rules. Repeat after me: Go for it! Sell with pizzazz. Put a spin on trouble. Network smart. Match the person to the job. Get them psyched! Nurture loyalty. Pay attention. Advertise. Pitch with conviction. Follow success. Keep your eyes open. Know how to negotiate. Work a room. Party hard. Keep your enemies close. Stand out from the crowd. Be reliable. Trust your gut. Give back.
    Those are the rules. And somewhere, right now, Marc Roberts is following at least one of them, or, most likely, all of them, because theyíre his rules. Heís out there, conceptualizing, schmoozing, networking, befriending, strategizing, and you should be afraid for your entrepreneurial life, because heíll out-dream you, heíll out-passion you, and heíll outwork you. Because heís nonstop. Because heíll risk his neck. Because heís loyal. Because heís a beast. Because he always has been. Because he always will be. And because heís having fun the whole way through.
    Thatís how his sports management company, Worldwide Entertainment and Sports, was the first to public through an IPO. Thatís how he became a real estate magnate. And thatís how heíll transform downtown Miami into a world- class destination by developing the Miami Worldcenter.

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