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As seen in The Miami Herald, December 26, 2009

Eloise Kubli, ASID

Jana Soeldner Danger


The Miami Herald,

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A fireplace is an inviting feature many
homeowners can add to their homes.
A fireplace can be a gathering place for the whole family.

It’s a primitive instinct. The flames of a crackling fire have captivated human beings for eons. And even in sunny Florida, a fireplace can be a wonderful addition to a home.

“People love them because of the warmth and security a fire gives,” says interior designer Eloise Kubli of Collective Construction and Design in Plantation. “A fireplace pulls a family together. Kids can roast marshmallows, dad might enjoy a cigar, and mom might sit watching the fire with a glass of wine.”

There are a variety of fireplace options. In addition to a wood-burning model, a homeowner can choose from gas or electric. Each of these types can be installed inside the house or on the lanai.

The easiest choice for someone who wants a fire to watch is a portable, freestanding outdoor fire pit, which can be purchased at home improvement stores. “The portable fire pits are much less expensive than the other options, yet they give you the same ambience as a built-in, custom fireplace,” Kubli says. continued


Eloise Kubli is a Professional Member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Arthur Kubli is a General Contractor licensed in Florida and numerous other states. Both Kublis have received numerous industry awards for their work. Established in 1983, Collective Construction & Design, Inc. is proud to be certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council as a Women's Business Enterprise.

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