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Mirrors Are Versatile Elements of Decor That Can Enhance Any Room

Designer: Eloise Kubli, ASID NCIDQ Publication: The Miami Herald
Text: Jana Soeldner Danger Photographer: Kim Sargent

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Subtleties - A tilted mirror widens the look of this long, narrow dining room. (Courtesy of Collective Construction & Design)

A tilted mirror widens the look of this long, narrow dining room. (Courtesy of Collective Construction & Design)

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Mirrors can enhance a home in many ways. “Mirrors can add drama,” said interior designer Eloise Kubli, owner of Collective Construction and Design in Plantation. “Large scale mirrors can reflect the outdoor view and bring light into a space.”

When placing mirrors, first think about what they will reflect. “You don’t want to place a mirror in the foyer that will reflect the toilet in the powder room, or put one in the dining room that will reflect dirty dishes in the kitchen while you’re having dinner,” Kubli said.


Place mirrors in hallways or galleries, either in addition to or in place of artwork.

On vanities, Kubli likes to use smaller concave and convex mirrors. “A concave mirror will magnify and give you a close-up view,” she said. “Then you flip it for convex to get a full-length view of yourself.”

Placing a mirror above a fireplace mantle is a common design technique. But instead of hanging the mirror flat, Kubli creates a different look by tilting it, attaching a chain to the back that allows the top portion to move forward.


Use mirrors to border features in a room. Instead of hanging a mirror over the fireplace, use mirrors to surround the firebox opening or even the entire fireplace.


“It might be a piece you’ve had for years,” Kubli said. “Mirrors will make it look fresh and give it a whole new life, and it’s inexpensive to do.”


Antiqued or distressed mirrors are popular now. Real ones can be very expensive, but there are replicas. <<<

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Eloise Kubli is a Professional Member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Arthur Kubli is a General Contractor licensed in Florida and numerous other states. Both Kublis have received numerous industry awards for their work. Established in 1983, Collective Construction & Design, Inc. is proud to be certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council as a Women's Business Enterprise.

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